Knitting facility is equipped with high end process controlled circular knitting machines up to 44" diameter and in gauges varying from 14gg to 30gg capable of producing a wide variety of knits, with any blends and textures of jersey, pique, interlock, any type of Rib & jacquard design, pointelle, feeder stripes, auto stripers, fleece, honey comb ,Viscose, modal, linen etc..

Mercerization is a finishing treatment of cotton with a strong caustic alkaline solution in order to improve the luster, hard and other properties, was names after its discoverer, Mercer, and has been in use for sometime. It has been seeing an increase in application recently.

We have an assortment of excellent Energy consumption dyeing and finishing machines procured from leading technology suppliers around the world for Fabric dyeing which can dye any type of blends – HTHP method, state of the art soft flow machines for fabrics includes mercerizing with dryers, shear / peach, brushing process and compacting finishing (for shrinkage control). Capacity of knit / process include finishing is 8 Tons / day… Which includes of mercerising 4 Tons per day.

Stenter is used for open form fabric. After passing the open compactor, fabric enter into the stenter. Cotton fabric shrinks widthwise and weft distorted due to bleaching and dyeing process. The main function of the stenter is to stretch the fabric widthwise and to recover the uniform width

Compactor is a textile finishing machine which is designed specially for compacting 100% cotton knitted fabric like jersey, pique, interlock, plush, rib and sinker etc. as well as cotton blended fabric in rope form, changing the loft and dimensional stability of the fabric and presenting it to plaited form. Fitted with two felt compacting units which makes it to obtain top quality fabric, with minimized shrinking nature and a soft fluffy hand.

Our Cutting & sewing section, which is spread over two units with total of 300 machines capable of producing over 3 Million retail sales units per Annum. Each of the production floors which meet all ethical / technical compliance requirements, self-contained with cut to finish facilities. Product capable to do, Babies — Bodysuit, Sleep suit, Round neck / Polo shirts, Jacket, Joggers, underwear's etc…

about-001 Men's – Round neck / Polo shirts, Jacket, Pant any type of underwear's etc…Lady's – Round neck / Polo shirts, Dress, Jacket, Pant any type of underwear's etc…

Computerized embroidery total capacity of 120 heads out of this 2 machine 32 heads which can produce with 9 colours. Also can able to do any type of hand / machine made stitches including sequence, shiffli , corsage etc..

Multiple options are available Continuous Rotary, Placement / spot print by machine (Oeko Tex 100 certified) which can produce pigment, Reactive and discharge print includes multi color FLOCK print options. Also capable to do any kind of thermo heat transfer / disperse prints continuous as well as spot prints (which provides sharp clarity of designs & minimum 40 wash guaranteed).

Since we are committed towards to the nature and do respect / continuous support to social & ecological value hence we used all dye stuffs those fall under REACH standard and our processing division / fabrics are certified / comply under Oeko TEX Class 1 standard. We believe that waste reduction recycling rate in supply chain management with not harming to the mother earth is the Real Value. So we utilise our own treatment plant to do treat the dyeing water and utilised the treated water for further cultivation process.

Value Added Process
Garment Dyeing & Washing:
Capable of doing any type of Garment dyeing sincludes the Anti Microbial process which extends colour Long Lasting period also can handle any kind of hand feel preparations like Silicone finish, Teflon finish, Soil finish, Liquid Finish etc…(Oeko Tex 100 certified, comply under REACH standard.)

After folding, garments are packing the size of polythene packet is permanent. Specially, it is needed to ensure the placement of sticker in proper place.

Packing And Polybag Divison

    OCarton Boxes Production Capacity
  • Carton Boxes Production Capacity
  • Maximum – 2000 Boxes Per Day
PolyBag Production Capacity :
  • Minimum – 10000 Pieces
  • Maximum – 15000 Pieces Per Day

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